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Spartia Resort

Spartia is located a few kilometres south-east of the Cephalonia capital of Argostoli. It is a very nice place as it lies in a beautiful bay turned towards the east, and with a wall of rocks and hills in the north, so, bedies its splendid panorama, Spartia is also protected from the north-west winds.

The hills above Spartia are very fertile, with olives, oranges, lemons and grapevine being grown almost everywhere. In Spartia there is a small square with a few tavernas and shops but don´t expect any hilarious entertainment or huge hotel complexes. Accommodation is the resort is offered mostly in small suites and villas places amidst abundant green vegetation.

Spartia beaches

The local coast is very indented: you will find there boath a sandy beach with a gently entry into the water suitable for families with children but also rocky places anf cliffs suitable for snorkelling and nudists. There is simply something for both those who enjoy people and dreamers searching for calm places.

Who is Spartia suitable for?

If you like peace, relaxation and romanticism, feasting your eyes on the little houses scattered on green slopes, then Spartia is perfect choice for you.

Tips on a hotel in the resort Spartia

Athena Villa

Nedaleko vesnice Spartia je postaveno 17 vilek s vlastním bazénem (Liakas Village), které mají jména antických bohů. Na písečnou pláž Spartia je to od vilek asi 2 km a na malou kamenitou pláž Liakas asi 850 m.



Typ letoviska Klidné
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